Getting hooked

In an effort to justify to my husband, my extravagant (I don’t think it is that bad…yet) spending on natural or green skincare, I decided I would start a blog about the products I use. This also forces me to pay closer attention to the products I use, and to any effects, they have on my skin. Also, as someone who voraciously reads other blogs to help determine which products to buy and try next, I felt the blog o’sphere could use another unsolicited natural beauty commentator.

My spiral into the natural beauty vortex started when I lived in Boston’s South End a few years back. I lived quite close to Follain’s flagship store, and I constantly walked or drove (slowly) by, each time wondering, “what do they sell in that store?” dbe1e38a9f346f15ed85d6f8d3e72e63-retail

Well, finally, one magical day, I decided to go in and take a look, and boy, oh boy, I was instantly hooked. The store is beautiful, clean white tile, a big deep classic sink, and the perfect amount of products lining the shelves, not too many to be overwhelming, and just enough to agonize over which serum to go home with. For a natural beauty newbie like myself, a chance wandering into Follain was such a lucky occurrence. Follain is one of the mavericks of natural skincare, they have a 5-step approval process before they will carry a product in their store, which, to highlight only two of the steps includes reviewing the ingredient list to ensure there is nothing dirty or toxic lurking in there. Next, they have beauty professionals test the product out to see if it actually works, this step includes a variety of people, differing in ages and skin types to participate in the testing, after all, we all know that what works for me might not work for you. The woman working in the store that day was incredibly friendly and knowledgeable, which as it turns out, is step 5 of their approval process, highly educating those who work in the store about the product, it’s ingredients and what skin concern it will work the best addressing. On that first magical day visiting Follain I opted to buy the very affordably priced S.W. Basics Makeup Remover. 


As, my first, natural skincare purchase, I can still happily say that I use it on a weekly basis. It is such a clean and simple makeup remover, consisting of only 3, yes I said it, only 3 oils, all organic too! Sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, and olive oil. Sweet almond oil has antioxidant properties and can help skin against UV damage. Jojoba oil helps moisturize the skin and prevent or help remedy rough scaly skin. I don’t know about anyone else, but usually every winter I get some crocodile skin around my nose from all the cold dry air. Then, to the least sexy of these three oils, olive oil, and I only say that because I am pretty sure everyone has a bottle of olive oil in their cupboard. Olive Oil is also an antioxidant and has Vitamins A, D, E,  and K, and can help combat acne.

Before you use the Makeup Remover, you are supposed to give it a little shake to mix the oils together, then you put some on an organic cotton ball or cotton swab and gently wipe off the day’s makeup, or in my case the day’s makeup, as well as perhaps a little chocolate or the day’s lunch, still stuck somewhere on my face. S.W. Basics Makeup Remover does not have a strong smell, so if you are one of those people averse to strong smelling products you might want to give this one a try. I was and still am pleasantly surprised by how easily it takes my eye makeup right off. With that said, I have never been one to go heavy on the eye makeup, no smokey eye, or thick eyeliner for me, so the Makeup Remover has always worked well taking off my mascara and what may be left of my eyeshadow. I typically do this as my first step in my cleansing process, after which I follow with another cleanse before I starting hydrating my skin for slumber.

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