Test Driving La Bella Figura’s Healing Manuka Mask

My legs have been killing me after multiple days of tennis, so I decided to draw myself a bath to soothe my muscles. But if I am going to go through the effort of filling the bathtub (this probably says something about my inherent laziness) I thought I might as well pick a mask to smear onto my face while I soaked, so I selected La Bella Figura’s Healing Manuka Mask for the occasion. The healing mask is thick and sticky, which is not surprising considering Manuka honey’s reputation for being very viscous. I am not quite sure how to describe the scent of the mask, it is not overly fragrant, it has a more bitter smell with an ever so slight sweetness underneath it. Don’t let my scent description dissuade you from this mask, the smell is most noticeable when you are applying it to your face, not while hanging out with it on. And, I personally believe that when you are using the most effective natural ingredients the end result is usually not a product that smells like roses. After educating myself on some of the ingredients in the Healing Manuka Mask, I found that many of them have similar qualities and on the skin. So, here is my breakdown of what makes some of the ingredients so powerful and effective.

Antibacterial properties. This is especially true for the Manuka honey (the primary ingredient, as the name suggests). Honeys have a property that acts like a mild hydrogen peroxide when it comes in contact with moisture in the body. However, this property in most honeys is extremely vulnerable to heat and sunlight. Manuka honey however, has a slightly different property, which is more stable and potent, allowing it to be used for a variety uses. The antibacterial properties of the mask extend to the organic Aronia berry powder and the Amazonian White Clay. The clay helps detoxify the skin, drawing out bacteria. The antibacterial properties of the many of the ingredients in the mask all help reduce skin inflammation and redness.

Regeneration of skin. Manuka honey contains essential minerals, enzymes, amino acids and vitamin B, all contributing to the fight against wrinkles. The Aronia Berry powder is high in Vitamin C, which helps build collagen as do the other antioxidants found in the Aronia Berry, all important combatants against free radicals, which if left unchecked age us. The Amazonian White Clay, like almost all clays, contains numerous minerals that help regenerate the skin. Also in the healing mask is La Bella Figura’s signature ingredient, Barbary Fig Seed oil which contains a ridiculously high amount of naturally occurring Vitamin E, more than any other plant oil on the market. Vitamin E is also intensely moisturizing, giving our skin a nice and smooth look.

After I got out of my soak and rinsed my mask off, my skin felt insanely soft and supple. Long soaks in the tub can sometimes leave my skin red and blotchy, but my skin tone was even, with no angry red spots anywhere. For the rest of the evening I kept touching my face to feel my skin because it felt so smooth and soft. Below is a picture of me with my Manuka Healing Mask on. As you can see from the picture there are some small flecks from one (or more?) the mask’s ingredients sprinkled throughout. I think the flecks come from the vanilla seeds in the mask. They make nice exfoliants when you are ready to take the mask off, as you can splash a little cold water on your face and start to rub the mask off in circular motions.


And now, afterwards! My skin looks calm, clear, and hydrated!





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