I am an East coast (born and raised!) transplant lost in Idaho. While I miss the East coast, and specifically Boston, where I lived for a couple of years, Idaho is pretty great too. There are, like, mountains and rivers here. Despite being located in Idaho, I think I do a pretty good job at getting the hell out of here from time to time. So cliche, but I love to travel and that is one of my other obsessions. I also enjoy mixing travel with adventure and endurance (okay, so it really started off as a way to convince my husband we needed to re-visit Tuscany) so sometimes a vacation will involve some long trek up a volcano, or never-ending hills on a bicycle seat that kills my bum.

My love of green beauty or natural skincare products all started with Follain. After I walked out of their South End store I was in love. You’re telling me aloe vera, evening primrose oil, and shea butter can moisturize my skin like a champ, and that dimethicone,/ vinyl Dimenticone Crosspolymer is just keeping a product held together, but not actually doing much for my skin? The more I learned and educated myself about the questionable and unnecessary ingredients found in almost all household products, and surprisingly (is it that surprising?) our beauty products, I decided to quit conventional skincare and haircare products. At the time, I was thinking about future babies I may or may not wish to have, and it scared me a little about the effects that some of that crap could have on my whole system. And no, I am not some conspiracy theory person (we have a lot of them in Idaho) who is trying to tell you how chemical manufacturers are trying to make us sick to help their friends, the pharmaceuticals companies make more money. I just thought if I could eliminate some of that stuff from my life in one area, my skincare, as you are rubbing this stuff onto your skin, which goes into your body, I would feel a little better.

I did not manage to go cold turkey with quitting the conventional products, I, unfortunately, do not have a big enough bank account to have thrown out all my beauty products and replaced them overnight, although, I definitely would have if I could afford it. Every now and again I fall off the wagon and buy some fancy hair product they are touting at the salon (it always seems to be the hair products which tempt me off the wagon!). Well, no more I say! The Detox Face is my arena to share my trials and elations as I detox my face, body, and hair. Like so many people, I feel rushed, or just plain tired at the start and end of my days, and I don’t always take the time to properly clean and hydrate my face. The Detox Face is my attempt to slow down, pay attention, luxuriate, and educate myself about the products and their impacts on my skin. My hope is to share that slowdown time with you through posts on this blog. Hopefully, some of these posts will help some of you out there figure out what products might be worth a try.

And finally, these opinions are my own, however, always feel free to ask any questions you have about any of my posts.